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Aurora Rod End & Bearing CatalogAurora Rod End & Bearing Catalog
(PDF - 5.16MB)

At Accent Bearings Company, Inc., we are well experienced in supplying our customers with the precise products to suit their individualized needs. We are proud to provide Rod Ends and bearings from advanced manufacturers like the Aurora Bearing, ALINABAL, FK Rod Ends, Heim, IKO, Morse, National and many others. Accent Bearing offers rod bearings in inch and metric varieties. Inch rod bearings range in bore size from 1/8" to 2", and many models feature one-piece, full-swage steel raceway construction. Over 20 different series of male ends with threads from 6-32 through 2-12 are available. We also offer metric and inch rod ends available in economy, commercial, and high strength models.

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Rod Bearings Product Features, Benefits & Brochures

Aurora Bearing

Aurora Bearing Company manufactures the world's most complete range of Rod End and spherical bearings. Configurations range from 2-piece economy commercial and molded race construction through 3-piece precision designs. Aurora also produces a full line of military spec Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings, and Journal Bushings. Custom designed Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings, and Linkages are a specialty.

PDF Aurora Bearing 610 Catalog (PDF - 5.44MB)


Alinabal is a Highly Diversified, Global Provider of Spherical Rod End Bearings, Connecting Linkages and Assemblies, Precision Stampings, Complex Mechanical Assemblies, Special Purpose Printers, Optical Shutters and Aircraft Instrumentation

  • Rod Ends
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Connecting Linkages

PDF Alinabal Motion Transfer Devices (PDF - 8.86MB)

FK Rod Ends

With almost 10,000 combinations of Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings available:

  • Commerical Industrial Rod Ends
  • Precsion Series Rod Ends
  • Extra-Strength Heavy Duty Shank
  • Metric Series Rod Ends
  • Spherical Bearings

PDF FK Rod Ends Catalog LR (PDF - 1.59MB)


Heim® Bearings produces the industry's widest range of Rod End types and sizes. Heim's® product range includes Rod Ends with brass race inserts in standard, precision, and high capacity designs; high strength two piece designs; self-lubricating rod ends with engineered thermoplastic races or Teflon® liners; and military standard Rod Ends for the ultimate in Rod End performance.

PDF Heim Rod Ends Catalog (PDF - 1.50MB)

  • IKO
  • Morse
  • National


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