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Aurora Bearing

With a comprehensive line of bearings of all types, Accent Bearings Company, Inc. is proud to be a major supplier of bearings and related components for our customers in the Greater Chicago area. We carry products from Aurora Bearing Company, an industry leader since 1971. Aurora provides inch and metric commercial & industrial rod end bearings. These products feature one-piece, full-swage steel raceway construction. Aurora PTFE liners are available in most series, and the rod end bearing line features over 20 different series of rod ends in inch dimensions and 5 lines of metric rod end bearings. Also available are a variety of commercial and industrial spherical bearings. These also come in inch and metric varieties, and feature excellent ball-to-race conformity and structural integrity, along with the advantages that come with metal-to-metal contact between bearing components.

Top Selling Aurora Bearing Company Products:

  • Rod Ends
  • Spherical Bearings

To learn more about the comprehensive variety of rod and spherical bearings available from Aurora Bearing Company, please contact Accent Bearings directly. For more product features & benefits & online catalog, visit our bearings product page.

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